Find out what the most important people, our patients, think of us!

Our testimonials are taken from actual patient reviews across our estate. We are very proud to have received such positive feedback.

  • “Thank you SO very much for your help making me my teeth; they’re great: just like real teeth, it’s a miracle! You are a very kind person, and you have a great group of very kind professionals. The girls are all beautiful! You all spent so much time on me and I really appreciate each one of you very much. God bless all of you.”

    Galina Z.

  • “I want you to know how very indebted I am to you for making possible my son Christian’s new smile. I’ve long had concern that his dental woes would eventually jeopardize his overall health and now, thanks to you, my prayers have been answered: easily and painlessly according to Christian. He speaks enthusiastically of the professionalism and courtesy he has received from you and your staff. This transformation has not been merely cosmetic; it has lifted his spirit as well. I am deeply grateful for your kindness and generosity. It will never be forgotten!”

    Gretchen H.

  • “After five years of struggling with upper dentures that I couldn’t wear, I was fortunate to find Dr. Mike and his professional, caring staff; I now have a full set of upper implants. The moment they were put in, they felt like my teeth! I never experienced any pain and the next day I was eating popcorn. One week later, I was eating corn on the cob. I have my smile back and love my teeth. I am so grateful and happy. I recommend implants for anyone who is missing one tooth to a full set. Thank you to everyone at ProSmile! You are great!”

    Melanie C.

  • “I assume most people have dental implants for cosmetic reasons instead of necessity. My dental implant arose from necessity. Approximately three years ago I needed to have a front tooth replaced; I was distraught and nervous to say the least. From a cosmetic perspective, I wanted a front tooth to look natural and, to be honest perfect. The cost of the implant also gave me great anxiety; I was a novice to the world of dental implants and did not know how much one tooth would cost. Dr. Mike explained the procedure in great detail and assured me the tooth would have the appearance of a natural tooth, there would be no visible glue or any other adhesive once the procedure was complete. Moreover, Dr. Mike and the Pro Smile team alleviated my concerns with regard to the cost of the implant. The procedure itself was painless and relatively quick. Once I saw the new tooth in place I was amazed at how it looked, nothing short of perfect. I was very pleased with the cosmetic aspect of the procedure but the function of the tooth was amazing. The tooth functions as if it were the original tooth. I have no problem eating anything as I did prior to the procedure. Post procedure care has been well above what I expected; Dr. Mike and his team have been very receptive to any questions and post procedure care that I required. In short, I would recommend dental implants to anyone who is considering this procedure, the look and feel of the implants have far exceeded my expectations. Moreover, I cannot recommend highly enough Dr. Mike and his team of highly skilled professionals. From pre to post procedure care Dr. Mike and his team are accessible and competent professionals that will make your experience as pleasant as a dental procedure can be.”

    Travis W.

  • “Dr. Mike, I want to thank you for always being there when I need something. It is nice to know that when I have a dental problem, you always see me right away. Everyone in our family loves you and the people in your office. Also, thank you for the sonicare airflosser, I appreciate it very much!”

    Judy B.

  • “Dr. Mike, I cannot thank you enough for your extreme generosity of time and money to help our friend, Lee. It is humbling to see how something we take for granted such as dental care can really mean the world to another person. It is hard for me to express how much your help really means to him, your kindness is very admirable. Thank you.”

    Katie A.

  • “I cannot say enough kind words or give enough praise to do justice for ProSmile. Dr. Mike and his entire staff are incredible. Since I started going there four years ago, they have completely transformed my smile with Invisalign and I feel more beautiful and confident. I love the staff and couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.”

    Tara B.

  • “My family and I have been seeing Dr Mike and his staff for many years. We went there on a recommendation from a friend of ours and have stayed, even through insurance changes. The office is filled with wonderful people who take good care of us, know us by name, and always strive to do the best possible care while keeping in mind our feelings and budget. I love going there and would never consider changing! They always make us feel like family. Keep up the good work. Love you all ♥”

    Bert A.

  • “Very professional. Tells it like it is. Excellent results so far. Looking forward to my upcoming appointment!”

    Bill G.

  • “I spent many years unhappy with my discolored teeth. I finally realized my only option for a beautiful, healthy smile was porcelain veneers. I cannot thank ProSmile enough. The results were beyond my expectations!”

    Teresa H.

  • “Each time I walked into your offices, I felt welcomed and relaxed. You are all wonderfully compassionate, caring people…. Thanks for the beautiful smile!”

    Erik M.

  • “Dr. Mike, I went to a dentist in Arvada and the bridge fell out four times! Dina referred me to your office and I still have the bridge in and no problems. Thank God for you and Kaela and all the good you do for so many.”

    Erik M.

  • “Dr. Mike and ALL your staff, I wanted to say thank you for being so patient and trying to figure out what’s wrong with my tooth. I’m pretty sore today after yesterday, but in a different way. I think it feels better! Every time I’m in your office, I am greeted by smiling staff and a general atmosphere of cooperation, respect, and caring. It’s great! At dinner last night, my husband Gary and son Sean (both of whom you’ve done a lot of work on these past one to two years) both said they felt the same way. Sean said he sure wished you’d been his dentist when he was a kid! So thank you!You and everyone there make what could be a lousy experience very positive! Thanks again.”

    Connie B. W.

  • “Dear Dr. Freimuth and staff, I’m writing to you because of the amazing kindness you displayed in regards to my sister Brenda Contrearas. I can’t begin to thank you enough for the incredible gift you have given her. You, Dr. Freimuth, and your wonderful staff have given my sister back not only her smile, but her dignity and self-esteem. Your unbelievable generosity and kindness have changed, and quite possibly saved, her life. I don’t mean to be dramatic, but I am quite aware how bad her health had become because of her severe periodontal disease. And I know how disfiguring the condition of her teeth had become. Dr. Freimuth, you and your staff are all angels as far as I am concerned. You have demonstrated to me, my sister Brenda, and our families that there really are wonderful, caring, and loving people in the world who give of themselves unselfishly in order to help others. I’m writing this letter to you, Dr. Freimuth, and your staff to express to you my sincere and heartfelt thank-you. I will be eternally grateful to you for all you have done for my sister. May God bless you as you have blessed us.”

    Cheryl S.

  • “Dear Dr. Mike and Bonnie, you both are exceptional as well as those who assisted you both! You eased ALL my past terrors of drowning in water! You all perform a true art form and such skill in creating a ‘new’ creative and truly healthy ‘ProSmile.’ May you all be blessed in all that you do to bring healing and comfort to others! My best wishes to you all always! I’m spreading the wonderful care and excellence you do so beautifully to as many as I can.”

    Judy B.

  • “Dear Dr. Mike and staff, I just want to thank you all for your amazing kindness and care! I was very apprehensive and nervous about having this extraction, due to a traumatic experience I had in the past. Your professionalism and comforting staff made this experience as pleasant as can be for a not-so-fun dental procedure. Thank you so much, Dr. Mike, and thank you to all the amazing staff!!!”

    Greer B.

  • “Dr. Mike, thank you for the great experience at your office. Your assistants were a lot of help and I learned so much!! Thanks again.”

    Erinn D.

  • “Dear Dr. Mike and Bonnie, I know this sounds like a broken record, but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU again for ALL your love and gifts to help us bless the Tagbanwa people in Palawan, Philippines. I have already given the $5,000 straight to Sonny to buy all the solar lights, etc. The Tagbanwa people will now have a ‘night life’ and enjoy it too!! Ha ha! I am now shipping all the toothbrushes, etc. and will send them off tomorrow. Maraming Salamat! (thank you in Tagalog).”

    Cora D.

  • “Dear Dr. Mike, thank you for the great work you did crowning my teeth. I am very grateful, as is my religious congregation. You have great women working with you. They are efficient, competent, friendly, and always feel like I’ve has the best care from you and your staff. God bless you and your practice.”

    Sister Francine S.

  • “Dear Dr. Mike and staff, I am astonished by how much better your treatment was here than are our last dentist. For the same procedure, they had Angelo on laughing gas and he was crying hard by the end of it! You guys are AMAZING!! I am going to write every possible good review online.”

    Kimberly T.

  • “Dr. Mike, I wanted to say ‘thank you’ to you and your staff for your services, and include Kaela and Bridget’s position. I am impressed on how cool and collected they are when dealing with the public. Both of these ladies deserve ‘kudos’ for an outstanding job, dealing with the public; that sometimes can be challenging!”

    Mike D.

  • “Dear Mike, I want to thank you for being a great health care provider. You take such fantastic care of me and I really appreciate it. Thanks for your generosity pricing my current dental work. It’s been such a tough time for my health lately and I really appreciate everything.”

    Rob M.

  • “Dear Mike, I want you to know how much I appreciate the concern and care you showed to me during my last visit to you. How many dentists would dive into the symptoms I had and work so hard to find an answer to my headaches? Answer is less than 1%. Your intense desire to help me and go the extra mile is just outstanding. And my headaches are GONE! Thanks again.”

    Janice G.

  • “Dr. Freimuth and staff, thank you so much for the help by continuing to care for my braces. Thank you for always being so kind and helpful when I come in for appointments, especially when Aiyden (my son) comes along. You and your staff are amazing and I am beyond thankful for everything you guys do! God Bless.”

    Alondra P.

  • “As someone that is VERY freaked out by the idea of dentistry, I am happy to give Dr. Mike and his staff 5 stars (I’m stingy with my ratings haha). They offer top-of-the-line dental technology and have a ton of amenities in house (which means less wait time for patients). When it comes to your health, I’m not sure why anyone would settle for anything less than this.”

    Heather R.​

  • “Dr. Mike has, over the last year, worked to give me my smile. He started with removing terrible teeth of mine, then implants, and finally fixed the smile itself. My teeth are white, smooth, and straight. My bite was missing a lot of teeth and I had to overcompensate by not biting down, and I am walking out a little sore (I imagine it will be a little worse after the numbness fades), as to be expected. I am walking out in tears, because I have never had a pretty smile. I will try to add pictures later. Dr. Mike and his staff are friendly, personable, and professional. Also, they make me want to smile and show off my amazing new smile. Thank you to everyone here. It means a lot to me to smile with extra confidence!”

    Alicia S.​

  • “There is a reason why Dr. Mike and the staff at ProSmile are named among the top dentists in 5280 Magazine year after year. They set the standard for dentistry and the quality of their work and service is honestly unmatched. Their facility is comfortable and inviting, not cold and depressing like most of us know dental offices to be. I mean, I ACTUALLY look forward to my cleanings. That’s not normal. Well, that’s because ProSmile is not normal … they are exceptional.”

    Tatyana Z.​

  • “I have been struggling with my teeth for a very long time! From bad experience to poor quality of crowns. One day I woke up with a horrible tooth ache. Didn’t know where to go. Called a family member who recommended me to Dr. Mike. Called them right away. The front staff was extremely nice and very helpful. They were able to get me in couple hours later. I got a nice walk through the office and on site lab. Had a root canal done and got two temporary crowns In just about two hours. The equipment they use is amazing! The whole office is extremely clean, and the atmosphere is very positive from the time you walk in. Went back in to get my crowns and I am extremely satisfied with them! From shape to color, loving it. Now I cannot wait to do full-mouth restoration so I can keep on smiling! So don’t wait any longer; go visit Dr. Mike, you will not be disappointed!”

    Olga N.

  • “I never thought I’d say that I enjoyed a trip to the dentist office, but my first experience at ProSmile will have me coming back. The office is new and very modern. I received a complete tour of the facilities and Heather, my dental hygienist, explained everything in detail. I appreciated her professionalism and thoroughness. Dr. Mike was great too…. I would definitely recommend them.”

    Simon L.

  • “So far, they have been excellent! I thought the infection would never go away but finally it did. Just a phone call away all the time. About another month or so and I will have my permanent teeth. You guys are doing great! I love how the whole staff is nothing but smiles! Thank you all. :)”

    Brett J.

  • “Dr. Mike and his staff are AWESOME! Unfortunately, I didn’t get good teeth from my parents. I floss and brush three times a day, and sometimes more and I still have tooth problems. Dr. Mike is very kind, understanding, and very compassionate. If you are looking for a dentist, look no further. Dr. Mike and his staff is the place for you and your family.”

    Sonya D.

  • “I came to ProSmile as a Comfort Dental ‘refugee,’ complete with dental paranoia, anxiety, misdiagnosis, and some damage created by a previous dentist, and I couldn’t have been delivered into better hands. They are thorough, friendly, skilled, patient, and reassuring. Until experiencing a horrible dentist, I had underestimated just how important it is to do your research and go to a true professional. Even if it’s ‘just for a cleaning’ (as I had dismissively thought), the difference in experience and quality between ProSmile and a cheaper or chain dentist is absolutely astounding.”

    Hannah W.

  • “Well, I have nice straight teeth because of their services. I did the Invisalign braces. It took much longer then I thought to get my teeth straight, but wow, glad I did it. Dr. Mike made all the right adjustments. You have to stick with it and use all the retainers all the time. They have a great dental assistant, Lia; she is very sweet. She was always friendly and she always saw me on time. I usually went during lunch hour, so like many people, always rushing back to work. I had lost one of my bottom retainers, and so my bottom teeth got a little crooked again, but they gave me six more retainers and my teeth look real nice again. They have some coffee and water in the lobby (nice touch). I never felt rushed. Go there if you need to get those pearly whites straight again. You will not be disappointed. All along, they were giving me some whitening pens to help get those nice straight teeth nice and white to. Thanks for all you do to make us smile more!!!!!!!!!!!!! My teeth are happy to have you work on them. Thanks again.”

    Erica R.

  • “If anyone had anxiety about dentists, I was the epitome of the word and the phobia, until I went to these guys! They not only cured my phobia, they completely made me enjoy going! In my 48 years of living I avoided two things — planes and dentists — but when I reached the breaking point with my teeth, I realized how important they were, so I took the leap and have never been so happy to smile. Please go to ProSmile in Wheat Ridge, Colorado! The staff is not only talented but they go above and beyond to make you feel like family! I live in Wyoming and it—s worth every penny of my time and gas to go there! I highly recommend you get your smile and self-confidence back through the magic of dentistry. I love all you guys, thank you so much. I almost want another cavity! 🙂 Dr. Mike is undoubtedly the best dentist ever and has the most beautiful techs. Absolutely the best experience at a dentist I have ever had!!”

    Shellye K.​

  • “I recently flew back to Denver after moving to North Carolina to have Dr. Mike and his fabulous staff do my implant. I am more than pleased with the results. Emily, Heather, and Lia are amazing. I cannot say enough about the professionalism, attention to detail, and overall warmth and hospitality I received under their care. If you want to be treated like a king/queen and have the best dental care in the nation, I highly recommend ProSmile and Dr. Mike and his team.”

    Rick C.

  • “I have the utmost respect for Dr. Mike and his whole group. My mouth was a train wreck. Never once was I made to feel embarrassed by the condition of my mouth, and Dr. Mike did not try to ‘up sell’ me when I had my first consultation. I appreciate his honesty and professionalism. His whole crew is very professional and compassionate. The office has a relaxing atmosphere. I will be recommending Dr. Mike to everyone I know. He is, by far, the best dentist I have ever had.”

    Laurie W.

  • “Dr. Mike Freimuth is absolutely amazing at what he does! My hygienist is Heather, and she’s super nice and amazing at what she does. Every time I walk in, everyone is always happy and very welcoming. No one is ever rude and they always do an amazing job!! It’s always super clean and very modern. Highly recommend this dentist office to everyone.”

    Sophia S.​

  • “After going through two different dentists year in a row, I ended up with poorly treated root canals which lead to very bothersome infections and I ended up losing multiple teeth. Dr. Mike Freimuth was the one who brought my hopes back of smiling big again! He performed extractions on my failing teeth, placed implants, bone grafted some of my gums, treated infection, cleaned root canals, removed embarrassing-looking crowns on my front teeth from a previous dentist, and replaced them with all-new porcelain crowns. My gums are back to looking healthy, not like they used to be (purple color). Implants healed great and are filling in for the bone loss I had. CT scans and many other advanced technologies were involved in my dental surgery. It’s amazing how Dr. Mike is able to perform all this in one office building with his caring and knowledgeable team! I can’t thank them enough for everything that was done for me! It is truly a blessing that I came here! Now I can’t and won’t stop smiling!”

    Alevtina S.​

  • “We moved from Canada and Dr. Mike was recommended to us by our dentist back home. We have been nothing but impressed by him and his entire staff over the last couple of years. Recently he exceeded our already high opinion of him by coming to his office on a Saturday morning when our 10-year-old son Ryan had an accident that caused significant damage to his front teeth. Dr. Mike was so professional, compassionate, and calming in a very stressful situation. My son was given an X-ray and a CT right there at the dentist’s office!! I also had an experience with them after I had an accident on vacation that left me with half a tooth less than I started with. I called ahead to let them know I would need to come in as soon as my plane landed and they were very accommodating. When I showed up, they already had a temporary tooth ready that they had made using the mold of my teeth — which they made during my very first visit. So smart and ready for life’s accidents! I recommend them highly if you are looking for a great dentist and awesome support. Another important point is that we have never had to wait more than a few minutes before we are attended to.”

    Eboe C.​

  • “I have been going to ProSmile for three years now. Service is always great. They are consistent, have the latest in technology, and are always pleasant to deal with. Dr. Mike is well versed in his profession and thorough in his exams. Great place to go for the dreaded dental appointment. I even talked my wife into going and she also is sold on their service!”

    Donald S.

  • “Dr. Mike is one of the best dentists I have been to in a long time. He explains in detail what is going to do and why he has to do it; plus, he gives you options if he can. All of the people in the office are professional and the customer service they do is the best I have seen. Keep up all of the good work you all do every day. Thank you.”

    David C.

  • “I really like going to ProSmile. I drive from Colorado Springs because I like the staff and the care I get. They listen to what I need and how I feel and are very respectful and helpful. I highly recommend ProSmile.”

    Barb S.

  • “I have been going to Dr. Mike and staff for years now. I do not have the best teeth, but after the work that Dr. Mike and staff have done, my smile is beautiful and I have been nothing but impressed with their services. Everyone in my family goes to Dr. Mike and staff, including my sister’s family and in-laws. I have recommended ProSmile to many clients, especially when complimented on my teeth. Also, I love getting my Botox on when I’m there as well, because my husband does not and know he thinks I’m just going to the dentist. SHHHHHH! My husband just got the Invisalign as well; so far, things are great!”

    Katie A.

  • “Dr. Mike is awesome. Stephanie has been my hygienist for over 20 years. I have had everything from replacement fillings to Invisalign. Mike came in on a Saturday when I had a tooth crack. They have been great about working with my insurance for my entire family, including my grandchildren. I could go on and on, but all I really need to say is that I don’t think you would be able to find a more caring, competent, and professional dental office if you tried.”

    Duncan T.

  • “I have had nothing but exceptional service from Dr. Freimuth and his staff. Unlike the other review, he has always spent the necessary time with me. I have been to a number of dentists in this area without satisfaction. I am relieved we were given a strong positive recommendation from someone to see Dr. Mike for the extensive work I needed. I could not be happier with the results. He and his staff are always attentive. I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes. He has seen me a number of times without charging me. He has been exceptional with my three children, one of which is terrified of dentists. Very compassionate and gentle.”

    Marilyn B.

  • “I LOVE coming to this place, everyone is so nice and polite. Other ‘comfort dental’ offices ruined my teeth, over and over again, and I hated getting the numbing shots, but with Dr. Mike, you can’t even notice the needle! The girls at the front desk greet you with a smile. Dr. Mike is one of the more professional doctors I’ve had that worked on my teeth. He is very careful and detailed. I’ve been coming to the office for about seven years now. He has helped my confidence for sure: now I can smile and not worry about my teeth being uneven, or yellow, or have cavities, it’s great! I have my annual cleaning to this day. I recommend their office to everybody that needs a professional dentist.”

    Gina K.

  • “Love this dental office!!! I’ve been a patient for a while and refer all of my friends and family to ProSmile! A lot of people think the dentist can be a scary place, but not ProSmile! I look forward to my appointment every time: The doctor and team always welcome me with a smile and make me feel very comfortable! I had a lot of work done and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I love that ProSmile is up to date with all the latest technology. I just know that I’m getting the best that there is to offer!! Thanks to Dr. Mike Freimuth and your awesome team for my beautiful smile!!!”

    Anna K.

  • “I have been going to ProSmile for years now and have had the best experience every time. From the hygienists who do the cleaning all the way to Dr. Mike when he did my implant, five-star professional, friendly service all the time. Can’t recommend them enough!”

    Larry C.

  • “I love ProSmile! The staff and quality of service is incredible. Everyone is very friendly and they do a great job. I highly recommend.”

    Michelle S.

  • “Dr. Mike and his staff are awesome. My son had a baby root canal done at a different dentist in Superior and we had a horrible experience. Laughing gas, two whole hours in the chair, pain, and tears were all a part of this experience, not to mention a dentist who seemed to be using my son to learn on and a passive-aggressive woman at the front desk. Then we went to see Doctor Mike, who not only did the rest of the work (a baby root canal on the other side) without any laughing gas, pain, or tears, and in only about 45 minutes, but he also fixed up the terrible job done by the other dentist as much as possible. The work he did was absolutely beautiful. I felt so awful when I found out my son had cavities this bad. The first dentist I went to seemed to prey on my guilt. He made me feel worse and worse and did all he could to squeeze out every penny he could get from us. Dr. Mike almost shocked me when he looked at my son and said, ‘You need to help your mom out and brush your teeth, okay bud?’ Wow! Yes! Why didn’t the other dentist say anything like this to him? Not that I had no blame, but still! He’s a big boy! When we left Dr. Mike’s office, my son was asking me questions about how to become a dentist. To me, that says it all. The moral of the story is: There is a big difference between a good dentist and all the rest. Dr. Mike is the best in the Denver area. He’s won all sorts of awards, and I can see why. Don’t entrust your teeth to any random guy with a nice office and the title of ‘Dentist.’ If you look into it, you’ll find that ProSmile in Wheat Ridge is the best of the best.”

    Karla T.

  • “Dr. Mike Freimuth has been my dentist for at least 15 years. Olga has been my hygienist! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the entire staff of ProSmile!”

    Channing M.

  • “I have been a patient of Dr. Mike’s for years and he is, simply put, the best dentist in town! Going to ProSmile is more like going to a spa than the dentist! The office is beautiful and relaxing. The staff is incredibly welcoming and friendly! I guarantee if you go once, you will make them your family’s dentist!”

    Robert K.

  • “The very best experience I’ve had with any dental office is with ProSmile. Dr. Mike and his staff are the best…. I had an emergency situation over a Thanksgiving holiday. Dr. Mike made time in his schedule to attend to my issue. I had never been at his office before, but he scheduled me in immediately. I had a tooth extraction and a dental implant with very little discomfort.”

    Todd G.

  • “This place is great! Dr. Mike is very professional and nice. Megan does my teeth cleaning and she is great too: very quick and thorough!”

    Kate S.

  • “Dr. Mike and his staff are INCREDIBLE. I cannot say enough good things. I have been terrified of having dental work done, even a teeth cleaning, my entire life. They make me so comfortable every time I go into their office and I am so lucky to have found such an amazing place!”

    Marissa S.

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