Millions of Americans have anxiety about going to the dentist. Thanks to decades of advancements in dentistry, ProSmile can now alleviate the stress that accompanies a dental phobia. Dr. Michael Freimuth offers sedation at his office to help fearful patients get the dental care they need. Sedation is used all over the country and can give you a chance to restore your smile and your confidence. To learn more about our sedation options, contact our office today.

The Process

Oral conscious sedation is designed for our patients who experience mild to moderate anxiety. Dr. Freimuth will provide you with a few small pills to take about an hour before your appointment. You will need a friend or family member to drive you to and from our office, as you will be unable to drive under the medication. Because oral conscious sedation does not act as pain medicine, anesthesia will still be administered during those procedures that require it. Though the sedative will allow you to deeply relax, you will remain conscious, alert, and responsive throughout the process, but your sense of time may be different, making the appointment feel much shorter.

The Advantages

Going extended periods of time without seeing a dentist can be detrimental to your oral and overall health. In addition, having such strong emotions about a dental appointment can be emotionally damaging as well. With sedation, you can finally enjoy a peaceful experience at the dentist. With sedation dentistry, we can perform multiple treatments in one appointment, in what feels like mere minutes to a sedated patient.

Learn more about Sedation

If you suffer from dental anxiety or phobia and don't want to wait any longer to rejuvenate your smile's health and appearance, look no further. ProSmile is ready and willing to show you how easy dental visits can really be. Contact our office today to learn more about sedation.